Through the investment service company Front Capital, we offer investors debt instruments with the duration of 12–48 months to fund our growth. As an issuer, the equity ratio of Front Finance is always at least 10%.

The capitalization of the company is carried out by Front Group, its owners and capital investors. Our current capital and binding investment commitments guarantee the growth of the company in terms of company-owned capital to the size category of EUR 90 million.

Front Finance diversifies the investments into corporate funding either with direct debt instrument investments (so-called private-debt) or by factoring. The investments are primarily directed at non-public objects. The company also finances the operations of its subsidiary Vertaislaina Oy. The funding of Front Finance may be secured or unsecured and may include special conditions, i.e. so-called covenants. The company diversifies investments into different durations to manage the liquidity between its funding and investments.

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Pekka Rikala

CEO of Front Group Ltd and Front Capital Ltd, board member, partner

“The rapid growth of non-bank financing has considerably increased the opportunities available to investors. We believe that the demand for this kind of financing will continue to increase in the coming years, leading to investment opportunities multiplying. Together with our cooperation partners, we have set up a brand new service, consisting of debt investment options. As our customer, you can invest directly in most instruments or in the investment and service solutions managed by Front.”