Front Finance Ltd offers loans to operating capital and investment purposes as well as funding for projects, orders and invoice receivables

  • Finnish financing company established in 2016, office in Helsinki
  • Customers are SMEs from different branches
  • Typical fundings vary from 100 000 to 1 000 000 euros
  • Owned by Front Group, its shareholders and a group of experienced capital investors
  • Front Finance´s goal is to be the most respected independent funding company in Finland
  • Auditor KPMG


Miikka Veikkola

Chief Operating Officer
Previously Miikka has worked at Front Capital as Portfolio Manager 01/2016 – 02/2018. Prior to this Miikka has worked in various managerial positions in risk management, derivatives trading and sales at Fortum Plc 01/1999-12/2015.

Perttu Koskenranta

Director, Financing and credit risks
Previously Perttu has worked at Nordea Finance Ltd and Nordea Pankki Suomi Plc. Perttu has gained work experience from financing industry since 2011.

Sami Törmä

Director, IT-solutions for Business and consumer financing
Previoysly Sami has worked at Fellow Finance Ltd and at Front Capital Ltd as Chief Development Officer. Prior to this, Sami has worked in various development positions at FIM Group, Glitnir Bank and HEX Group. Sami has gained work experience from financial industry since 1999.

Antti Jaakonsaari

Director, risk management
Previoysly Antti has worked as a portfolio manager in Veritas Pension Insurance. Antti has gained work experience from financing industry since 2011.

Sini Ketola

Finance Specialist
Previously Sini has worked at Intrum Ltd. Sini has gained work experience from financial management since 2010.

Advisory Board

Hannu Kananen

Chairman of the board, partner

Pekka Rikala

Member of the Board, CEO Front Group Ltd and Front Capital Ltd, partner

Kaarle Harju

Member of the board, Customer Asset Manager, Tied Agent for Front Capital Ltd, partner